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Re: Content aware fill tool PS6

I've done a quick edit using content aware fill here. As you can see it couldn't understand what I was going for

There's nothing for it but to go back and retake the picture, though I think it's very nice. Only thing I'd adjust is the saturation and maybe adjust whitebalance a bit. It looks unnatural, it may be that it was like that in reality but it seems too saturated to me. It could also be that it looks good on your screen and your screen is not calibrated.

ParomaGhosh wrote:

Is the content fill aware tool in ps6 smart enough to remove the rocks in the foreground so that I can have a full view of the river around the bend? I would have to use a friend's computer since I don't have the software myself, so would like to know how challenging it will be before I give it a try.

And I could kick myself for not having been daring enough to go right up to the edge for the photo to avoid all this photoshopping altogether emoticon - sad but anyone who's been to this place will know it's kindy scary at the edge!

Posting this here coz I got no responses in the retouching forum.

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