NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

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Re: NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

Thank you M Lammerse,

indeed it is, but the amateur Canon, panasonic and Sony DSLR offer proper manual control over aperture and even live histogram, so I guess the Target is not an excuse here from Nikon, especially at a 2K price range...

M Lammerse wrote:

I feel some frustation. THe D600 is a digital still camera aimed at the enthiousiatic amateur photographer. I think in relation to what it offers and the target user it is a dream camera.

The limitations are explained by Nikon.

FTH wrote:

See here,

Indeed the D600 seems to be a nice... still camera, but since they already crippled down the 1/8000th shutter speed, Nikon needed to down-grade some basic features that even the most basic amateur DSLR do : aperture control in video mode. So for the moment, the single Nikon cameras offering such a basic feature are the D800(E) and D4.

Moreover, Nikon clearly states that the D600 is capable of offering clean HDMI output, which means clean 1080P output via external recorders that will use uncompressed or low image compression for better post production.

This guy tested the HDMI output, and it unfortunately shows a black box around the frame, cropping several pixels of the video. The D800 on the other side, offers full HD HDMI output :

What is Nikon thinking off ? Are we dumb rabbits ? I am disgusted by such a low-minded marketing politic. Being a long time Nikon shooter willing to upgrade to a nice Full frame camera with proper video down-sampling such as the D600 was a dream to me, and now, they crippled it, again : what a shame !!!

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