Warning: you might learn something. K. Denninger lecture

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Re: Warning: you might learn something. K. Denninger lecture

Good lecture, and this guy has major US problems from policy perspective nailed - ie energy, defence and health sectors, with a solution that I agreed with (not just US but WW in terms of energy) long time ago.

Good to see someone speak openly about it - in US no less! - just hope someone would listen to him.

Moreover all three industries have US government by the balls, and that is the real problem if energy + defense, who are in a nifty pact, did not line up the gov coffers so much and in the process run US into the ground to pursue own goals and if the healthcare industry did not do the same, US would be pretty healthy now despite of other ills it has (finance industry).

In Europe the nature of the issue is different, where the energy question is being slowly and partially answered (definitely at better pace than in the US) and defence and healthcare are not such money pits - a lot better postioned in proportion to the real cost/benefit... we have a problem with the whole "federal" idea, it's implementation and consequences.

Both regions have issue with financial institutions and regulation (or lack of) though and top down corruption in that sector where there is unfortunately no light on the horizon. I remains to be seen though what happens - this decade will give us answers, but hopefully not the same ones as this decade one century ago.
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