Best telephoto zoom lens for Olympus om-d e-m5

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Re: Best telephoto zoom lens for Olympus om-d e-m5

Pikme wrote:

gandalfII wrote:

The oly 40-150 is very capable and incredible value. To get better IQ you have to go to the oly 43 50-200 plus adapter which is a "magic" lens but big, heavy, expensive and slow focusing on m43.

No, the 75-300 has better IQ than the 40-150. But it is slow lens (F4.8 - f6.7) and expensive (frequently on sale for $750), and somewhat large for m4/3 format.

For value, the 40-150 (frequently on sale for $99 -$149) is hard to beat. And it is small and has nice IQ, particularly 40-100 range. It has nice 'character' rendering.

The 75-300 is equal parts terrific and frustrating lens, with good sharpness, color and contrast, but takes practice for handholding, not good on tripod (no collar), and slow apertures are sometimes - not always - but sometimes a problem. For me, the tripod issues cause the most grief; when I give up and use it as a handholding lens, I really enjoy it.

In the end, I prefer the 75-300 over the 40-150 if I am shooting nature/wildlife, while preferring the much smaller 40-150 for city walks or travel.

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Roberto M.

I love the 75-300 its my most used lens. I also have the 100-300. People always say the 75-300 is a slow lens and it is but they forget to mention it is very fast to focus and is lighter then the 100-300. I have no trouble hand holding either lens but do try and brace myself against a tree or Pole when I can.

The one and only thing I really don't like about the 75-300 is mine has bad lens creep. That might be the cost of that silky smooth zoom but it seems Olympus would have but a lens lock on it for the price they charge for this lens.

To the OP I would buy the 75-300. You would have a long FL and as someone else mentioned you really can do a lot of cropping if needed.

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