Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

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Re: Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

sjgcit wrote:

I think we're discussing two different things.

You're discussing the future of DSLRs. I'm discussing the future of companies that make them.

The problem for Nikon and Canon is that the revenue stream they've grown to rely on ( consumer based ) is going to move elsewhere as consumers decide they want more in one package than a camera. Connectivity, which camera companies have failed to embrace, is more important to that consumer-based main revenue stream than anything else.

I'm sure a small minority will continue to buy and use DSLRs. But they won't produce as much revenue as the existing market.

Well yes, in that perspective you're right. Nikon and Canon will need to be more innovative and cutting edge to counter the onslaught from latest smart phones that are also quite decent compact cameras.
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