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Re: Off-site / Cloud Backup

nztony wrote:

In a word, Backblaze

I'm intrigued by this link. I thought this would point to a UK-specific instance of the service, but the page has nothing giving that impression, and clicking through the site instantly reverts to the US version

Last time I tried BackBlaze from the UK, I had two problems with it:

1. It backed up everything on my computer, and configuring exclusions for everything I did not want backed up, became quite a task, and one requiring continuous maintenance. For example, I only want to back up my Pictures directory. So I unselect everyting else in my home directory, but if I create a new directory anywhere under home, I have to go edit the exclusions to add that as an exclusion.

2. Uploading from the UK was unpractically slow. On a 1.3Mbit upling (good for 150Kb/s in practise), I got about 10KB/s. An afternoon's casual shooting would take more than a day to upload, and I ended up just being behind.

Is anyone else using it in the UK? Has this changed?

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