Lack of interest in E-PM2/E-PL5?

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Re: Lack of interest in E-PM2/E-PL5?

I own an E-PL3.

What interests me about the new PENs is

  • the sensor

  • the touchscreen

  • the option to use OIS

That last point should be a simple software update for my camera, but I fear that with these new models, my camera has been orphaned and won't see any more updates.

The £100 premium for an E-PL3 was easy to justify because of the flip screen, the mode dial and the Fn button. But now the E-PM2 has the touchscreen for quick mode changes, and it's own Fn button located somewhere easier to reach, the only differentiator is the flip screen, and even though I find the flip screen really useful I'm not sure I would pay £100 for it. If I was buying into m43 for the first time now I would go for the E-PM2.

I doubt I will buy one of this generation of PENs. I needed a new better camera earlier this year, so yes it is a little annoying that these new PENs have a few significant improvements just a few months after I bought, for not much more money than I paid. I will wait until Olympus release PENs that have hybrid CDAF+PDAF. It will happen, the comment about a cam that can focus E- Series lenses is a clear sign, and whatever tech Oly come up with will eventually filter down to the PENs, like the E-M5 sensor has.

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