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Re: Storing files

I am just asking ... just because, as I stated already... I was CONSIDERING, cleaning up my external drives. I was thinking if I could delete some of my duplicated files, I would get twice the use out of these externals. Instead of storing edited files on them, I was thinking of burning a backup disc of the edited session and then removing the edits from the externals. It wasn't a question of how to organize... just a question wondering if everyone else KEEPS the edit and the RAW or if they eventually discard one or the other. Seems like the occasion arises more for needing a RAW than an edit and a RAW is easy enough to RE-Edit and therefore it seems a complete waste of possible useful space (not that everyone else cares about being thrifty but I try to be thrifty where I can). Therefore if I keep the RAW file and not the edit I can get almost twice as many sessions on an external. I posted this in another forum which was more helpful and I got replies on what others do. Thanks for your replies. This post is no longer valid.

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