G1X: Ultimate Point and Shoot?

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Re: G1X: Ultimate Point and Shoot?

I have found that the G1X does indeed match the image quality of a APS-C DSLR. In fact, using the excellent DXO optics 7 to process the RAW files the images I am getting are even on par with some of my 5D mk2 images.

The sensor and lens on the G1X are superb. Operation is on the slow side, but don't forget it's a 1st generation camera from a new model line.

Faster lenses are difficult with such a large sensor because fast optics are usually large. I imagine the shot to shot speed and focusing speed will be refined in new updated models but a faster lens will add size and bulk which will negate the benefits of a compact that is already at the upper range of it's size class. The ultra-clean high ISO performance more than makes up for the speed of the lens. Also, don't forget the lens is rather fast wide open (2.8) so learn to move your feet a little and you might do just fine.

Don't mistake the G1X for what it is not. At the current prices it is probably the best value around as long as it does what you need.

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