Are Sigma and Tamron 70-200 F2.8 in same league as Nikon 70-200?

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Re: Are Sigma and Tamron 70-200 F2.8 in same league as Nikon 70-200?

I recently went through this same decision process. I really could not justify $2,000+ for the Nikon lens after spending $3,000 on the camera and another $1,600 on other lenses. Or more precisely, I had exhausted my wife's willingness to humor my excessively expensive hobbies

I shoot my son's ice hockey games, so I do need a 70-200 range lens. My 24-70 just does not have the reach.

I ended up getting the Tamron. I was concerned about all the reports of slow and inconsistent auto focus. Before purchasing the lens, I used a store demo lens to shoot cars passing at 10-20 miles per hour. The camera was set on AF-C 3D. Most of the shots came out well focused, so I bought the lens.

After shooting some hockey with the lens I am actually qutie impressed. The focus tracking is very good. The lens focuses fast enough to keep up with fast skating hockey players and I have seen no evidence of any inconsistent focusing.

The only thing this lens lacks is stabilization. However, at 1/3 the price of the Nikon lens with nearly equivalent optical quality, I'm not complaining. With hockey shooting, I have to use a high shutter speed to avoid motion blur anyway, so VR wouldn't really help.

Good luck with your buying decisions.


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