seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Edit: Regarding the AF of the K30, I'm not sure I've seen ample evidence that it is significantly improved over the K5, if anything it's likely a small incremental improvement.

You'd have to go to the K5II for better AF performance, though that needs to be verified in real world experience. It's likely though from PF's quick test that indeed there is some good performance increase. I'll still await further verification.

The fz150 or fz200 might be a very good choice for some. If you don't like the VF, the fold out LCD is certainly handy. I can see getting what you can afford with a huge zoom range as one good option. Later when you can afford a dslr, you can play with that when you have more time and money. If your wife's patience doesn't grow with time that's another matter. Never forget the Wife Factor Algorithm .

I may consider getting the fz 200 for those times I don't want to lug a bag of lenses around with me. I can always use my dslr if I want any other time.

this is coming from a reviewer that gets and likes Pentax:

Check out CG's articles about his buying used Pentax DSLR's. You can also buy very nice used equipment with a lot of life in them for much savings. If you want a K30 or K5/II/s later on down the line buying used is perfectly okay.

Have fun and don't worry about the brand of equipment, and get what you can comfortably afford for the time being

Best Wishes.

Blackburn11 wrote:

That combo is definitely the smart choice for IQ and budget. I just think the 18-135 would be a better bet for me to avoid changing lens often. Going to regret it if I take 90% of my photos between 18-55, but I think I will make use of the 18-135 to warrant the cost.

I think. Thanks for the input.

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