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Re: Pentax K-5

Blackburn11 wrote:

I will take some video, but that wasn't the reason I didn't choose the k-5. I don't know, but I was thinking the k-30 had better af and was cheaper.

Am I wrong about the af? Is the video on the k-30 signifacantly better? Is the IQ on the k-5 significantly better?

I bought my camera from a guy whos been in the business a long time. He said he thought the K30 has a slightly weaker AA filter, wrong or not I still would have bought the K30. Focus peaking was a reason, cost was another. I knew I wanted the 18-135 and it doesn't come bundled with the k5, which adds another $180 there. Also according to B&H prices, the K5 is $82 more, thats more than a $250 difference for me wanting the 18-135.

The AF is supposed to be slightly better, and the menus and controls are supposed to be much faster. The one thing I miss is the battery grip but I am awaiting my AA battery adapter atm. Overall its supposed to be fairly even with IQ, the K5 having a bit more DR.

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