Does 5DII or 5DIII Have APC Crop Mode?

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Re: APS-C is a good way to migrate.

By your reasoning you are saying why would anyone buy a APS-C camera and lenses. The answer is they are less expensive.

I understand why people buy aps-c cameras and lenses. I can think of several nice crop combinations, for instance a 60D + 17-55 or so. I'm an crop camera user also, but have only one lens for crop bodies. A Tokina 12-24 mm wide angle zoom (which has EF mount) in this case, because there are hardly any FF lenses thát wide, at least not reasonably priced. My other lenses are suitable for FF.

Supposing that a crop lens does cover only part of the FF sensor (which is to be expected) you will lose a lot of resolution. Let's not think of border and corner quality of the cropped frame or vignetting which will be bad for sure.

The other way around sounds better. I see little disadvantages of FF lenses on a crop camera, except maybe for less convenient focal ranges. No loss of resolution due to a smaller image circle, very little or no vignetting even wide open ...

So what I say is that an aps-c camera with FF lenses will probably deliver better pictures than a FF camera with aps-c lenses. And that is why I think you'd better upgrade your lenses first and than buy a FF camera. Unless you are going to upgrade lenses and camera in a short time, but in that case I guess money can not be the matter.

I have invested in decent lenses for FF in the past years and also saved up for a FF camera which will be there before next spring. In the meantime I've enjoyed my aps-c cameras.


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