Wolf Spider VS Centipede

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Wolf Spider VS Centipede

So last month i had a National Geographic moment happen at my house. I was putting the garbage out late at night when i saw this rather large centipede, I went and got my camera and an LED flashlight and took some shots of it. I had the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 on the camera.

Soon after i started i startled the centipede and it scurried around, it ended up scurrying across a big wolf spiders funnel web and the spider came out to attack it. The attack photos were just too motion blurred to be edited but they soon were in an embrace of death.

So i originally thought that is was because the centipede went by the spiders home that the centipede was attacked but i soon noticed another dead wolf spider very close. My guess is that the big wolf spider was having its evening meal at the expense of the other spider and though that the centipede was trying to take its meal away.

The centipede being quite a bit stronger and larger and having more legs managed to pin the big wolf spider in place and when it was ready it went in for the kill bite.

And here came the bite

Likely in a similar fashion to the spiders way of eating the centipede probably injects the spider with a toxin that liquifies its insides and then the centipede drinks it for dinner.

After the spider essentially died the centipede took it to a quiet corner to finish eating.

The next morning there were 2 spider husks on the ground, the centipede didn't want the spiders meal but since the spider insisted on attacking it became the meal. I suppose that spider isn't going to put the lesson of picking your fights to good use as its dead now.

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