Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

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Re: Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

sjgcit wrote:

They simply don't seem capable of accept that cameras are now computers with lenses attached.

? -You never heard of the sunny f16 rule? You can take pictures with a pinhole box. The silicon just makes the viewing quicker.

People seem to be forgetting Canon and Nikon sit at the top of the tree for high-margin cameras. Even electronics giants like Panasonic are jealous. Nikon don't need to lead in innovation, because there is so much inertia amongst users committed to their systems. They will jump on the bandwagon when they have to. And they concentrated on FX this year because that is what the high-margin gear-junkies have been waiting for. Who cares about minor updates to existing lines that just make last year's cameras cheaper on the used market.

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