D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add

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Re: Thanks! Axis, shutter and view option added.

What about the reach that I previously mentioned and the dedicated AF-ON button? Perhaps non-factors to you but they're important to some.

If you're using a 1.4 and/or a Bigma you're probably running out of reach (in terms of pixel density). The D800's 22% higher pixel density basically means the 200mm shot on a D600 is equivalent to a 244mm shot on the D800 (if you crop). You do have higher resolution mentioned but this is a definite factor if you have a D7000 for the "long" shots.

The lack of two AF-ON and AE-L/AF-L buttons seems to be a showstopper for a number of people.

Also ...

The left control dial will operate differently. Nikon seems to have fixed the D7000's easier-to-accidentally turn behavior by using a center "nipple" lock. IMHO it would have been nicer to simply make the knob bigger and harder to accidentally turn like the D800, rather than forcing an additional finger push on the nipple whilst twiddling it.

I wouldn't care, but some people make a distinction on point of manufacture ... Thailand vs. Japan.

Others will point out that the AF problems the D800 has/had.

The D800 has an available no-AA-filter option though it costs $300 more.

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