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Ben Herrmann
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Which camera you get is based purely on subjective analysis....

Let's face it - there are lots of nice enthusiast models out there - currently on the market, and those pending release and distribution. And everyone has different attitudes as to what they like or dislike. I often find it hilarious to see someone expressing an opinion on something, only to have a slew of folks knock him down for it. Do folks all choose the same automobile - hell no! That's what makes us different.

I've had the opportunity of keeping up with most of them over the past 10 years or so and I try to always have the latest models available from Canon, Nikon, and of course Olympus - because each brand's top enthusiast model brings something unique to the table.

So whether you wind up with the Canon G15, or the Nikon P7700, the Panasonic LX-7, or the Olympus XZ-2 - rest assured you will wind up with a very nice photographic instrument.

But you also need to do your homework and that's crucial here. Seeing how a camera looks is one thing (the overall color of the model, how it looks to you - i.e., is it macho enough or friendly looking.), but then working with and shooting with the camera is another matter. If you can find a camera store in your region that has one or more of these models, then I strongly suggest you go and play with the camera. See how it feels in the hands, compose a few shots - look at the menu, etc. Those are all important variables that you should keep in mind when using a camera. And why, you ask? Quite simply - how a camera appears in brand photos can be totally different to how it feels in the hands and how it shoots!

Now as to your other questions....hell no - the Olympus VF will not fit a Nikon...why would it? With the P7700 you will have NO options for a VF. The only two cameras that will allow options for a high resolution EVF are the Panasonic LX-7 (in which case you'd have to purchase the high res Panny version for it), and the Oly XZ-2 in which case you'd have to purchase the superb VF-2 or slightly lower resolution VF-3.

Now - as for the built-in Optical Viewfinders (OVF's) that you can find on the Canon G series - along with the earlier Nikon P7000 and P7100 - they are really worthless. Now by my stating they are "worthless" is a subjective opinion by me, in that I find them useless because they:

1. Only show anywhere from 79 - 85% of the actual image area that will be captured in the photo.

2. There is no data or other photographic information in those OVF's - it's just like looking through a plain piece of glass (and many times, there are distortions with these viewfinders). For example, I like to determine where my AF point will be and with OVF's there is no way of knowing this. You would have to use the LCD to determine (move) your AF point and compose accordingly. Now, if you're the type of person who just puts a camera on fully auto everything, than looking through an OVF is just fine.

My take on all of the new enthusiast models just released is that the XZ-2 should be one of the best (again, subjective). But then I've tried them all.

I personally will look closely at the following models for the possibility of purchase - these being:


Canon G-15 (I've - at one time - had all of the G series, dating all the way back to the G1) and the long zoom SX-50 IS (now that RAW has been incorporated).

I'll pass on the P7700 because I have the P7100, and I'll pass on the LX-7 since I have the LX-5.

Good luck in your decision....

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