Contax G lenses

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Re: Contax G lenses

tesilab wrote:

I have one Fotodiox and several Metabones adapters for Contax G The first one I purchased was Fotodiox, and I still use that one with my 21mm lens, since it allows me to keep the fins on the back of the lens.

Given my experience at first with the adapters, I suspect that user error might be at fault. I had a hard time lining up and mounting the lens till I discovered I was simply doing it wrong. I never had a a Contax G camera, so I thought perhaps if I had, these adapters (that came without instructions) would not have been a problem.

It has been no problem at all to align and mount the lenses on any adapter--once I learned not to rotate the entire lens into the adapter, but only a ring on the lens, while holding the lens still.

Do the fins have to be removed from the 28mm lens when using a Metabones adapter?

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