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Re: Ouch !!!

Ursinho73 wrote:

If in my former company a marketing person would have answered the question on how a product is doing with the wording (...) everybody would have translated that into: Good grief, it's a desaster!

Alex Sarbu wrote:

But since it's J.C. and not your former company's marketing persons it probably means: "it's not selling that much better than all the other DMF, combined".

Alex, I'm aware that a couple of people claim that Pentax' 645D outsells all other digital medium format cameras combined. However, I've never seen any market share data to back up that claim. So, could you please point me to some information that verifies your statement?

All probably factual info I have on this matter is this very recent interview of dpr with the Leica guy in charge of DMF:

"What is Leica's market share, in medium format digital?"

"We are roughly at 20%. So at the moment we are behind Hasselblad and PhaseOne but our goal is to become market leader."

If Leica is third with a 20% share than Pentax can't possibly have more share than all others combined. Actually, their share needs to be below 20%. Taking all other competitors into account, today's market share of Pentax in DMF is most likely in the one-digit territory.

It's even getting worse, when looking at the economical implications. From the same interview:

"So it [i.e. launch of Leica DMF] was a risk that has paid off?"

"We need some more years to pay it off. But this is a long-term investment for Leica, for sure. (...) We need something people can dream about, (...) it's a brand statement - our flagship."

Now, if Leica is on a loss with its DMF offering - and will continue to be so for a couple of years to come - despite having a higher market share, despite being able to ask twice the price of a 645D and despite having costumers than cannot buy system lenses on the used market, well, than the Pentax digital medium format exercise is almost for sure a financial nightmare beyond imagination !


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