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Oh my, dont get me started on the FZ200 again! I really considered all the options this time around. I have been in the market and wanting to make photography a hobby rather than just a means to collect memories of my family for a long time.

I love the images people create with the FZ200 and with my limited future budget, it was the top of my list a few weeks ago. And I think it would serve my desire for better pictures.

I get upset by my sony hx9v point and shoot for two reason. First, I dont like the IQ at the longer focal lengths. The pictures do not look sharp at all. And I dont like the jpeg processing at lower ISO and lower focal lengths. When I zoom in while viewing images (and sometimes when I dont zoom in) I can see what I think looks like smudging or smearing. Dont know if those are the right words, but I dont like what I see. Maybe its the user and not the camera though. I dont know.

So perhaps the FZ200 is exactly what I need. But I was very disappointed in the viewfinder when I held it a couple weekends ago. And it just felt small. I maybe have in my mind that if I get a full dslr that I will get out of auto mode and try to learn how to actually shoot and do things different.

Perhaps its a silly thing to attempt for me and God knows my wife thinks its a huge waste of money, but I have wanted to try it for a long time now. ...perhaps I will end up selling it a year down the road and get a superzoom. I hope not.

Either way, thank you for your recommendation and I realize that you are correct about that being a more sensible camera that would fill my needs.

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