Best Travel lens !!

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Re: Best Travel lens !!

amitpahuja wrote:

1 - I should buy D800/600 and then buy a good glass with that

It depends on the final use of your pictures.

If you plan to exhibit very large prints (larger than A3+), then you might consider swapping your D90 for a new 24+ Mpix FX camera, and buying high quality glass (i.e. Zeiss manual focus lenses).

2 - Buy a good glass for D90 and which one ?? for travel and landscapes?

Get a 16-85 VR (for travel and landscape) and a 180/2.8 AF ED (for not so shy wildlife, and whenever you need a reduced field of view). As an alternative to the 180, consider the Sigma 150/2.8 OS; it's a stabilized macro (1:1) lens which behaves well at long distances too.

For landscape photography, use a tripod (switch VR off ;)) and good light. Gradual filters are useful tools, too.

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