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John Koch Senior Member • Posts: 1,198
Why not upload a clip for diagnostics?

It might help a lot to let others witness the defects you say you observe. A side-by-side comparison of a video clip, and a still of the same subject, might reveal whether the problem is specific to the a57 video performance or not.

Is the noise bad, are your expectations unreal, or have you picked the devil's choice of scenes? Might the scene be the crypt of a castle in Transylvania at moonrise? If you are shooting in a very dark room with faces in the shadows of backlighting, no camera will win. This is not something that other gear (GH3, 5D MIII, VG900, etc) will solve. It appears you are already using a fast f/1.8 lens. Any tests should use full auto mode as the base. Just make sure you have not selected some program mode or manual setting that may be part of the problem.

The choice of SD card, or whether you play back using the camera or by playing the file on your son's computer, should make no difference. In theory, 24p would be a bit better in low light, but not make any difference if other settings are awry or if the scene is just plain no-win. If the only illumination is tungsten, the WB will not look natural, even if you pick an incandescent WB correction.

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