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bocajrs wrote:

So if one were to upgrade to D600, which pro FX glass would most benefit from the 24MP sensor?

It's difficult to assess at the present itme, although you can have an idea by looking at Photozone FX tests ( http://www.photozone.de/nikon_ff ), which were performed by using a D3X, though.
For sure, the best Zeiss lenses will not disappoint.

I had an e-mail exchange few days ago with a friend (a skilled german pro photographer) who bought D800E. This is what he told me:

Q.:   Which are the best lenses in your arsenal which allow extracting the maximum quality from the sensor?

A.:   Zeiss lenses, manual focus! Up to now no Nikkor zoom extracts the sensor's maximum capability. So I bought the Carl Zeiss 15/2,8 and 21/2,8 and 100/2 Macro ... - snip - ... Most Nikkors are not good enough, they'll have to launch a new line of high resolution primes, I suppose .

The D600 CMOS is a less demanding sensor (24 vs 36 Mpix), but you need proper glass and shooting technique to not foil the large resolution of the sensor.

Also in the photographic chain, it is the bottleneck which determines the amount of recorded information.

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