Katzeye (options and recomposition question)

Started Sep 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
blue_cheese Senior Member • Posts: 1,845
+1 for eyepiece

Looked into both, decided ont he magnifying eyepiece as well.

If you have good eyesight it is the way you go. The split screen darkens, messes with metering and at the end of the day is still just an aid, not 100% accurate for critical focus just like the dot. The split screen just helps you get near the focus much faster, but doesnt "nail it"

If you use glasses or need glasses get the split screen, the magnifying eyepiece wont work for you. You will not be able to see whole viewfinder while wearing glasses and if your eyesight isn't sharp you may need additional diopter correction on the viewfinder anyway.

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