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Donald B wrote:

True. the learning experience on dslrs is worth the purchase if thats what your after.
have throught about that for some weeks and agree with you.

but when you have the experience boy these new toys are great fun can take pics where you would never be able with a slr, macros on an fz blows my k7 away as well as video.

I think you've hit on a key point here, Don - you need the experience to get the best out of these "lower" spec cameras. Note that I put lower in quotes because, as you rightly point out, they can actually do things that "higher" spec cameras can't.

For example, my brother recently bought a Nikon P510. It zooms out to something like 1000mm equivalent and gives good-resolution images hand held, which is effectively impossible with a (D)SLR. On the other hand, its DR is narrow and it blows out skies easily. So there's always a compromise to be made.

In a similat vein I enjoy using my Q. The only lens I have is the 01 Prime (47mm eq) and it fits in a pocket. It goes out with me when a DSLR is just too big or inappropriate.

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