Yes I have my Nikon D4 now

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Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Re: Yes I have my Nikon D4 now

Congratulations, the D4 is the nikon's flagship.
But ... in six months, only once my D800 has envied the D4's fps + buffer ...

kbel wrote:

So finally i decided to get a new camera for my studio work as a replacement for my 3,5 years old D700.

Long time I was thinking if want to buy the D800 or D4, i was testing both in my studio and the D800 is absolutely fantastic concerning the details but on the other hand the files are hugh and for most of my work i not need this.

The D4 is great and I think was the right Decision i s a dream to work with his camera and the ergonomy and functionality as well as the quality of the files is fantastic and a real big improvement over the d700.

I guess later on I will still buy a D800 for travel and to replace my D700 and for all special work in studio where i want or need the details of the 36 mp.

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Un saludo.

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