It took Ricoh a long long time

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Didn't you guys get the memo?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Ricoh followers who have used a calendar much more assiduous than myself have worked out a timetable of product releases.

That was yesterday - - - didn't you guys get the memo yet?

Ricoh built themselves a niche in small-sensor compacts for enthusiasts.

Today, the demand for 'small-sensor compacts for enthusiasts' is de facto dead. Say after me: D - E - A - D

Why? Because so much better options are already here and selling by tens of millions - - - FF (Sony, Leica), APS-C (Sony, Fuji, Canon, Samsung, Leica), m43 (Oly, Pana), 1" (Sony, Nikon) etc. etc.

Ricoh happened to get just one small toe into these waters ... with its GXR ... but that system seem to be put on a hold, probably because of lack of sales.

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