Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

Kevin Hotorton wrote:

RayR wrote:

So how we have:

  • Elinchrom Quadra - which only works with lead acid batteries and you need to pay to get the heads modified to make them work with lithium ion batteries.

  • Elinchrom Quadra RX - which might work with lead acid and lithium ion batteries and if not then you need to pay to get the heads modified to make them work with lithium ion batteries

  • Elinchrom Hybrid - which definitely works with both lithium ion and lead acid batteries

The li-ion battery is compatible with ALL Quadra packs and they do not need to be updated.

Elinchrom only "recommend" having the heads updated. Being the inquisitive type I've tried the li-ion battery with early "A", "S" ringlash and old "Freestyle" heads from the very first 1100w/s Ranger packs and have had no issues.

The "Hybrid" update is just marketing hype and only required Elinchrom to make a new stencil for the cases

The following document https://docs.google.com/gview?url=http://elinchrom.s3.amazonaws.com/download/120627-RangerLi-Ion-BatteryBox-UserManual.pdf&chrome=true states that the lithium battery is NOT compatible with the first or second generation heads and http://www.theflashcentre.com/ranger-quadra-lithium-ion-compatibility-modifications-c498.html tells you how to identify if the heads you have need to be modified.

This has been confirmed by the CEO of Elinchrom himself and the Managing Director of The Flash Centre in London who are the official distributors of Elinchrom in the UK. The MD of The Flash Centre is the brother of the CEO of Elinchrom.

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