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Re: 100/2 LoCA correction

Leon Obers wrote:

The Zeiss is build more durable than the CV 125/2.5 Colors of the Zeiss are more "punchy" plus better micro-contrast IMO than CV 125/2.5

(In past I had a CV 125/2.5 bought secondhand, but was infected by fungus, so send it back. Did make tests shots however).

I wonder if your comparison was affected by fungi-related problems to the anti-reflective coating of your CV 125.
This might have altered color rendition.

About micro-contrast (and IQ, in general), there are many demanding photographers at (including Bjørn Rørslett) who praise the CV 125, and prefer it to the 100/2 MP.

However, my point is not discussing which is better. I just wanted to stress that an excellent 125/2.5 lens with outstanding apochromatic correction and macro capabilities could be manufactured and sold at less than 1/2 the price of the current 135/2 Apo Sonnar, and at a significantly lower price than 100/2 MP (which I own, BTW). All these lenses are/were manufactured in the same production plant!

Probably Zeiss lenses are better than CV lenses, but I would encourage you and other fellows to think about this point (and why Cosina quit producing the CV 125/2.5 when they started producing the 100/2 MP ;)).

That was the first I tried seeing my test-images, what I could do with LoCA correction. Image not cropped, at full resolution I couldn't done correct it satisfactory by setting at 100%.

I have pictures taken with my 100/2 where I can correct purple fringes by NX2 (I'm referring to full-res raw files).

The greenish colored outlines of the hot-shoe still is greenish (also in your example).

I agree. NX2 doesn't work equally with green fringes.
However, those fringes are not visible in a print as in 100 % crops.
I'll continue using safely my 100 Makro-Planar at f/2.



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