1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)

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Re: 1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)

Many thanks for the info Mat.

I would guess that the 1GB microdrive has a faster write speed, due to the higher recording density, but also higher seek time (possibly due to the lower power consumption?). This would explain the slower times for smaller files and faster ones for larger files as when you create a file you have to seek to the file directory to write an entry and then seek to the start of the file and write it, so with bigger files the seek/data size ratio is larger.

If this is true then it is possible that it may become very slow if it is not formated regularly to prevent fragmentaion.

MattTheHat wrote:

Howdy Folks,

I just picked up one of the new 1 GB MicroDrives today and thought I
would test the write times between it and my 340 MB MicroDrive as well
as my 160 MB Lexar 8x Compact Flash card. I charter my results, which
you should be able to see below. All times are in seconds. The tests
were run with my D1 in continuous shooting mode, using manual focus,
with the lens cap on (so there should be no differences in JPEG
processing times) at 1/500. Each card was formatted immediately before
each run. The times shown were started immediately after the camera
fired the last shot, so they don't include the time required to take the
10 or 21 shots.

Interestingly, the 1 GB MicroDrive significantly outperformed the 340 MB
MicroDrive in the NEF mode (HI RAW in the chart). This was the only
place where the 1 GB model outperformed the 340 MB model, so I double
checked it several times, with the same results every single time!
Perhaps IBM has optimized the sector size or buffer size (or
interleaving or other some such magic) with Nikon D1 RAW transfer in
mind? Sneaky devils!

I hope some of y'all will find this un-scientific test useful.

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