Very Brief D600 initial thoughts

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Re: specific question ...

anotherMike wrote:

It was okay - I'd rather have a dedicated AF ON button (it may have had it but I'm actually not 100% on this) - I really was more interested in the AF system (my primary concern given the "luck" I had with the D7000 from which the AF system was derived from) and the image quality. A body built to a price point will have some things that annoy a bit - just got to decide whether it's a deal killer or not. I have relatively small hands, so the smaller cameras seem to work alright with me in general.


You can reprogram the AE/AL button to AF-ON, but then that's the only way to focus, which is a bit irritating - however, I will see if I can set one of the User-defined slots to do that, which would make it quite useful.

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