A77 Poor low light Video compared to Nikon and Canon?

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Re: Mystery Solved!

sybersitizen wrote:

You made the same error again. The aperture can be user controlled. Honestly, most users know so little about video recording with DSLRs (the evidence is in this thread) that they probably should not be given control anyway and they have no basis for complaining about so-called crippling.

I appreciate the condescending tone. You are clearly an expert in all things video. Accept our apologies great one. I was merely basing my statement on what the OP has posted that he was unable to change settings on his d5100. I've never used any Nikon dslr and thats why I've imcluded the phrase "i've read." rest assured though the I know how to control my a57 fairly well. But then again such explanations are unworthy of your consideration oh master of video! i will refrain from posting my opinion about DSLR video because clearly "most of users know so little about video recording."

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