Gear lust: a retrospective

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Re: Gear lust: a retrospective

KameraFever wrote:

I couldn't agree more. Here is the funny thing. I have been shooting for must be 14 years on and off. Luckily and unluckily (a story for another day) I majored in photography, but it taught me early on my inepticies were a result my skill and not my gear. At the beginning I lusted of gear until I bought a simple EF 50mm 1.8 for around $100. That 'piece of crap' has been my never fail go to lens. I have owned only three digital cameras (Canon G2, 30D, 5Dmkii) and 2 film cameras (Canon Elan ii, Voightlander Bessa L) in my entire life. My Bessa L and G2 have since taken a dump. But my 30D and 5Dmkii still pull their weight. Not burning money early was probably also a result of not having money early.

Haha, I know how you feel. My wife shoots EOS 500D and she only has the nifty fifty - which gets so much abuse that it's ridiculous. Sometimes it's touching the ground with no lens cap on, has been soaked in snow and water, and also it once got sprinkled with make up -powder. And yet, it keeps getting images. It's a great lens.

My brother in law who knows nothing about photography asked me what camera he should buy? He was very adament about getting a full frame sensor so I told him to get a used 5D off B&H ($900) and the 50mm 1.8 and go from there. Instead he bought the 5Dmkiii, 24-70mm 2.8 IS, 70-200mm 2.8 IS, 580 exii, and dropped $3K on a then brand new 17in Macbook Pro. Now he complains about not saving enough money. Yes, Holy Crap! Now everytime I go over the house I'm reteaching him about LR 4 because he can't even remember what I taught him last time.

Anyhow, The orginal 5d ($900), ef 50mm 1.8 ($110), three vivitar 285HV ($75 each), optical triggers ($50), and some light grip equipemt can yeild some killer professional results for under a $1800 price tag if your willing to learn the craft. But who cares. Still, I can't blame my brother in law. When I started I had the same mindset but without money to burn. In the end, we don't learn until we realize the money we burned doesn't pay itself back with images we produce. This when we realize that maybe it has something to do with our skill. Sorry for the rant.

I have a similar story, alltough it's a happier one. A friend of mine wanted to do architecture, and was hellbent on getting 5DII/17TSE combo. I managed to convince him to get a used 600D and Sigma 10-20mm. And he is happy with it. Later on he confessed that he didn't even know what TSE meant at the time.

You know, I think a lot of the gearlust comes from the forums such as this. You see all the beautiful work that people do, and you go: Well, I want to do that. I clearly need this and this and this. And sometimes you really do need it.

And sometimes it's like getting a 4.6 liter BMW for the 3 kilometer drive to work and back.

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