Gear lust: a retrospective

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Re: Gear lust: a retrospective

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Talk to the old pros and DOF was king - you had to get the shot wtihout being able to see it on the LCD.

Most sales were prints and to make money you wanted to sell BIG ones - wall portraits. You need more sharpness so more DOF helps with that.

SO now you can shoot shallow DOF and be sure you got the image and these images look fresh and intersteing. IN reality they are deeper DOF than 100 years ago with teh big 8x10 and other large format cameras.

I like to use selective focus as a composition tool Every time I shoot a portrait wiht the 85 1.2 at 1.2 it sells. (or the 135 at 2.0). Guaranteed money shots.

Indeed, as said it has a time and a place, and it really just depends on the work you are doing. Portraiture more or less requires shallow DOF, it gives clients the wow-factor. Prolly a good example is wedding photography, which I do on occasion. People love the shallow DOF, and it sells. However, in journalism, magazines rarely want that. More DOF equals more information, and information goes well past artistry and expression, and composing an image with everything nice and sharp is the key. Then again, that's maybe the main reason many mags accept all sorts of crap taken on an Iphone, but it's a whole diffrent topic all together.

But yeah, I understand the gear lust, or whatever term you'd like. It does wear off - I just ordered a 5D3 and wasnt' excited about it. Perhaps the body will amaze me (as it has my friends). I almost ordered another 5D2 - my bodies are getting old and it's been over 2 years since I bought anything, it's time to retire the old 5D classic. great camera just too slow for me to show something on the LCD...yes, I peek. I admit it. I do not however pixel peep on the computer.

Gratz. From what I've seen on my friends cam, it's awesome. It would be great for the occasional concert photography. I might upgrade in 2 years time to it, if my work changes so that I have to shoot well over 3200 ISO all the time.

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