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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

One other option is to buy the 18-55wr used at pentax forums - many choose to buy a larger aperture lens to replace it, so it can be had for around $125. The 50-200wr will pop up (less frequently) for around the same or maybe a little more. That should leave enough for the very good DA35 f2.4 for $170 (which I think is a great focal length for indoor shots) or the DA50 f1.8 for $250 which is great for portraits and still works good for indoor shots though you might be limited to how many people would fit in the frame. The 18-135 is liked by many and has great versatility, but the aperture is a little small for indoor/ low light shooting and having that as your only lens (given the budget you are allowing) may limit your system somewhat. Now if you are ok w/ manual focus, you can pick up a m50 1.7 for around $50 so that might work until you get the funds for an auto focus fast lens.

So to sum up:
k30 black body only on amazon for $640
used 18-55wr and 50-200wr for $300

new DA35 f2.4 for $175 on amazon f/ adorama (good company - bought many things f/ them)

which leaves around $80 for a bag, extra battery (ebay has some inexpensive versions or just get the k30 AA battery adapter if you have rechargeables at home), and a lens pen (lens cleaning device).

Sounds like a great kit! Great for rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, fairly wide by decently long focal length shooting.

I think the latest round of negativity on these forums is some disappointment that Pentax did not come out with a Pro Level camera at the latest big camera show. Given the excellent products that Pentax has been putting out lately, expectations have been running a bit high lately (too high if you ask me) so disappointment and disillusionment has become more common. Perhaps you did not know, but Pentax was bought out by Ricoh, a giant office products company with a respected but small camera division, last year. Most Pentax owners are expecting faster development of products under Ricoh and we have seen some signs of this happening. Anyways, I think Pentax's future looks brighter than ever right now and the products they have are among the best in their price classes.

Feel free to check out some photos in the link in my signature; I'm no pro, but Pentax has plenty of great options for the photo enthusiast.

Good luck in your decsion,

Blackburn11 wrote:

I have been wanting to buy a dslr for about 4 years (hard to budget money when buying a house, daycare costs, etc). I will take family pics (4 year old daughter) of camping, zoo, kid sports, indoor family events. Will take occasional video also.

I have a budget of about $1200 and will have a hard time finding more funds for future lenses (and prob will never be able to get a lens over $700ish).

I am thinking the k-30 is the best bang for the buck in this range (though I think nikon will release something the minute I buy!). I love the IQ at higher ISO, the weather sealing, and the large viewfinder.

I am looking for advice on two things. First, I am hoping to get some nice comments about people happy with pentax and that think it is a good system to buy into. There are lots of posts here shooting down pentax and people thinking about changing systems. I dont know if that is just for higher price point cameras or what, but I need some confidence that this system is a good investment (I have considered m4/3 systems as well as canon and nikon systems).

Second, I was considering the 18-135 weather sealed lens and k-30 for $1100 (and a 70-300mm lens in the future). I was also thinking about the 18-55 lens and a 50-200 lens for $930 (and perhaps a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 in the near future).

My wife has the patience of a mosquito and I am worried about having to change lenses. I want this purchase to yield some very sharp images for viewing on a very large monitor and hopefully for some large prints also.

So, any recommendations or advice would be appreciated. I am undecided about everything, so all advice is welcome.

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