Photokina 2012: Nikon talks about the D800's outer AF issue

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Re: Photokina 2012: Nikon talks about the D800's outer AF issue
  • Until then, we cannot really know if isolated continued reports about inacceptable AF accuracy after service are due to a failure during calibration or an unreasonable expectation.

This is total BS by Nikon as it continues to insult the intelligence of its users. Absolute AF accuracy may be subjective, but most affected users compared the relative accuracy of the middle and left and they are night-and-day different. To doubt this is just more smoke and mirrors from Nikon.

Same again. It IS a problem because the non central AF sensors for any camera deviate from the center point. I doubt that an average camera with outer AF focus at f/1.4 will nail the focus. If it is night-and-day different then we don't have to argue. But what about all the shades of gray?

I'm all for shades of gray, but I'll have to point it out if, by "shades of gray", it is implied that people can't tell apart black from white. What we are dealing with here is an obvious problem. It's not a subtle problem, and to imply that it's a subtle problem doesn't do justice to customers who have this problem. Among cases I've seen myself (incl my own D800E), none were subtle, all night-and-day easy to observe and reproduce. So nobody is splitting hair, pixel peeping, or looking for trouble here.

I thank you again for your extraordinary contribution to this subject. On my part, I'll remain vigilant so that we don't let Nikon's corporate FUD get to us.

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