Shooting only RAW (RAF) with X100 from now on

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Re: Shooting only RAW (RAF) with X100 from now on

prentisd wrote:

I must be missing something but so many posters rave about the JPEG images right out of the X100. I agree they are generally pretty good but rarely has there been a JPEG shot from the camera that in my estimation couldn't benefit with some post processing adjustments. Doing so with the RAW files is always better than trying to tweak JPEGs. With Lightroom 4 I find I can bring my RAW files up to perfectly wonderful image outputs with very little effort and time expended. I then export them to JPEG for printing, uploading, whatever.

I tested this for myself by shooting for a while in RAW+JPEG Fine including trying a variety of shooting settings. Universally I have been more satisfied with my images after post processing from RAW than using the JPEGs as-is. I'm back to shooting only RAW.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

Yep. I thought I was the only one.

I'm not a big fan of the X100 JPEGs. Even doing a straight conversion of the RAW file through the included RAW (Silkypix) converter with all the default setting yields a better picture than the camera produces when shooting RAW + JPEG (IMHO).


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