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Re: in this day and age

Dan Clark wrote:


My original post got messed up, so I edited and marked it "deleted".

IMO, people want the right size and weight, not the smallest size and weight. I've had "FF" SLRs. Those were a pain (literally and figuratively) to carry around. For me, u4/3 is a more optimum size in general.

For my GH2, I have four Pany lenses now, with the 12-35 on its way. Only the 20/1.7 is small. Next in line is the 7-14. Although small for its type, it's still a bit larger than would be comfortable on the smallest u4/3 cameras. The 14-140, 100-300, and 12-35 are decent sized lenses and should be much better on the GH3.

Even though I have smaller hands (average width, but short fingers), when my fingers are on the front of the camera and my thumb on the back, there's a gap between the camera and the palm of my hand. It's difficult to tell, but it looks like there is enough size on the GH3 grip so that my hand will be touching the camera from fingers to thumb when gripping it normally.

I'm looking forward to a GH3.



With that description and from what I have experienced, yes it will fit good in that case, and I think in almost all cases, the ergonomics are reallt good.

Now that will be funny is some review put the ergonomics on the Cons.

If that I will wrote an email doing some questions.

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