CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: White surface?

MariusN wrote:

Yes, lens cap on, but again, I did just the hot pixel mapping
("Remap hot pixels") where this would make sense (I heard myself a
very long exposure shot - I would assume maybe followed by a short
one for black frame substraction).


I just finished doing the remap myself. I have a few observations:

1) the program does NOT function properly under Windows 98 - it could not communicate with the camera

2) When I "read" the hot pixels, despite the caution about taking about 10 minutes, it only seemed to take about 15 seconds.
3) the Read claimed 16 defective pixels

4) When I remapped it again went faster than advertised and claimed it found 512 defective pixels!!!

5) When I again "read" the defective pixels it took about 15 seconds and again claimed 16 defetive pixels.

The good news is that my hot pixels appear to have been mapped out, and the camera appears to operate just fine. Previously I had noticed six significant spots some of which were multi-pixel.

Thanks for your info and help.

= Ed =

So far I could not see any problem. CCD is noise free up to 8 sec
exposures... (with NR disabled..) Also so far I did not notice any
image quality degradation due to the pixels mapped out (less than
two hundred in three million anyway..).

Ed Rotberg wrote:


Did you leave the lens cap on for this?

= Ed =

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