My S3IS is 6 Years Old This Month. Replace With???

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Re: My S3IS is 6 Years Old This Month. Replace With???


That's a tough thing to give up if you're insistent on staying within the Canon brand. Give them up, you shall, as well. I remember a thread from long ago, comparing the varying f-stop vs. focal lengths between the S2/3/5 and the newer SX class, and the newer cameras were giving up at least a full stop, and as much as 1 2/3 by full telephoto (432mm). That's going to make for some blurry pictures.

If it were me, I'd look at that FZ200 people are talking about. F2.8 through the range? That's an over two stop advantage by telephoto, and that's a huge deal when you need shutter speed to keep the picture viable. That and diffraction is going to be a problem all by itself once you get much past f/4 with these teeny sensors. At telephoto in anything less than perfect lighting, you'll be shooting at high ISO and f/5.6...or even slower. Those pictures will start out blurry, and get worse from there.

An opinion, you'll get many, take this one for whatever it is worth.

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