D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add

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Re: D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add
  • Regarding size -- it's not as compact as one might have thought if they're expecting "full-frame in a D7000 body." It's actually surprisingly bigger, closer to the D800 in size than the D7000. Still smaller, though.

  • Regarding weight -- it's 5 ounces lighter. With a lens mounted, you might not notice the difference. I certainly didn't when I tried it with a 24-70.

  • High Speed Sync doesn't mitigate enough, IMHO. You lose a LOT of power in HSS.

  • AFAIK adding a grip to the D800 does NOT boost the fps.

  • The extra resolution of the D800 also means you'll have less cases when you want the "reach" of the D7000. If you shoot something where your lens is not long enough to have the subject big enough in the frame, that's where the pixel density "reach" comes from. With the D800, you lose only about 3% of the "reach" of the D7000. OTOH with the D600, the D7000 has 25% more "reach" which isn't inconsequential if you find your lens a bit short sometimes. The D800 has 22% more "reach" than the D600.

  • Comes down to what you're used to, but no dedicated/separate AF-ON and AE-L/AF-L buttons. One can program other buttons on the D600 to approximate it though I suppose it's still short one programmale button in that case. Of course, not everyone uses AF-ON, fewer still use both AF-ON and AE-L/AF-L, fewer still need to program all the buttons, etc!

The following items are usually SMALL in most people's eyes and may or may not help you. There are a whole mess of little things that differentiate the cameras. Here are a few.

  • D800 has a nicer, dual-axis virtual horizon. It lightly superimposes the display on the viewfinder image and can be easily shut off. D600 has a single-axis and it uses the "lights" in the viewfinder for underexposure/overexposure.

  • D800 image review can be set so that a single button click automatically zooms to 100% on the focus point. I often check focus by zooming in on the image review. Requires multiple button pushes on the D600. With a D7000, I usually overzoomed and had to push it again to back out.

  • Shutter life is rated at 150k vs. 200k.

Good luck with your decision.

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