Why insist on FF format?

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Re: Why insist on FF format?

kelly15 wrote:

There is no reason at all, unless you are a pro, and a very spacialized pro.
The quality of m43 is more than what is really needed for any kind of use.
Which is the reason to click at 12800 ISO?
Which is the reason to enlarge the screen to 1:1?

Look at the pictures you may take with the 45 and 75 oly, with the 25, 7/14 pana and so and compare them with the pictures you took at the film era.
No comparison.

Of ourse if you decide to walk heavy and bulky, to spend more money for nothing ( or so), you can do that, but you loose the possibility to have you camera set always with you with a quality level which is a dream.

Listen to me, in 3/4 years FF will disappear or limited to studio professional work only.


Why make a post like this? Insecure? Need to tell other people how to practice photography? Clueless as to why people, other than pros, choose FF?

What needs to disappear are people who resort to turning a wonderfully diverse medium/hobby like photography into some sort of competition about what format/gear/brand is better than another.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.



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