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Re: Switch now? Really??

I see the debate rages... you might have missed it a page or so ago but I've chosen! I evaluated all the factors over an extended period of time (including views from this forum - minus the obvious Nikon trolls, you know who you are!) and the best FF package for me from a handling, lens choice, colour reproduction, HD video and just general gut feeling was the Canon 5D3. Done.

No matter how many times people try and tell me I'm an idiot for not considering the D600 (where are all these nikon fans coming from in a purely canon forum? Is it that quiet over in the D4 forum? I know some are genuinely offering advice on the benefits of nikon vs. canon, but even the most blinded person has got to admit there's something fishy going on with the over the top defence of Nikon cameras that is going on in the 1D / 5D forum - including this thread) but I really didn't like the D600 - thought the colours were washed out, thought the small body seemed very unergonomic in the hand and decided very quickly it wasn't for me.

Although the D800 is a very good camera, I just didn't connect with it for various reasons. I not driven by technical specs and level of moire observable at 100% crop on a grilled surface of a church steeple 0.5km in the distance on a landscape shot or how well the dynamic range means I can read the text of a newspaper stacked in the back dark corner of an open garage when taking a wide angle shot of someones house.... and in my opinion, for my uses and after much thought and deliberation:

D800 = NO
D600 = NO
5D3 = YES

Simple as that. Let the debating continue I guess. I'm off to take picture with my new camera

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Richard, London, UK.

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