Switch to the new Mac Pro?

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Re: Switch to the new Mac Pro?

it's all preference and budget. I have been working with my Imac for about three years now. I chose mac at the time because the people i do work for all use macs. So basically i see what they see on their screens and visa/versa. Of course there are slight differences due to calibration and room environment. but pretty close for the most part. However, I am also a network consultant. i built a computer for a customer as they do heavy design work. I then decided to build a PC for myself. It's amazing how much machine you can build for just a little over a $1000. Stores like Microcenter, have bundled specials for mother boards and CPU's. For example, I picked up an Intel i7 3770k processor for $289 plus $94.99 for and ASUS P877VLX. (list $169.99) I also picked up an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked 2048MB graphics card for $179 (after rebate.) 16gb of 1600 memory for $99. A Cooler Master HAF 912 case for $47. A 750w power supply for $80. DVD burner $25. Two 1 TB hard drives $230. Windows 7 Pro $139. Also a Hyper 212 CPU cooler for $37

I have to tell you, adobe CS6 flies on this machine. I also edit videos in about 1/4 of the time it took on my mac. I then purchased an ASUS PA238Q 23" LCD Widescreen. Calibrated next to my iMac. Believe it or not the pc screen is sharper and has better contrast than my iMac. This is the graphics card at work. For now I will use the PC and give the iMac a break.
The choice is yours. This is what worked for me. Good Luck.

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