New lens for D600?

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Re: New lens for D600?

"Thanks for the suggestion. It is a new combination, Tokina 16-28 plus Nikon 35-70. Do you think this better than Nikon16-35 and 35-70? Any good Tamron or Sigma lens at 70-200mm for about $1000?"

I can't speak on the Tamron or Sigma lenses, I have never owned or used them. I generally shy away from 3rd party lenses, excepting Zeiss (which I may get someday) or the Tokina wide angles. Tokina is made in Japan, all metal, built stronger than Nikon lenses- the same company makes Hoya brand filters. I have a Tokona Dx wide angle that I have been very happy with. Reviews that I have read on this particular Tokina WA lens put it in the same class as the excellent Nikon 14-24 AFS f2.8, at $1000 less. The Nikon 16-35 is great, but suffers from distortion at the widest angles from the reviews I have seen. Some may prefer that, but if I had to pick 1 lens for free between the Nikon 16-35 and the Tokin 16-28, I'd still take the Tokina. That it is over $500 less is a huge bonus.

I have the 35-70 f2.8 and it is a great lens, I cannot justify the price of the newer 24-70 AFS.

Both of these moves, along with selling your other 2 lenses for about $500 on EBay puts you very close to the jewel- the Nikon 70-200 AFS f2.8 VR.

This gives you three excellent f2.8 zoom lenses that cover most of the range from 16-200mm, and gives you an excellent 50mm f1.8 to boot.

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