Imaging-Resource Pentax/Ricoh interview

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Ouch !!!

Now, this seems interesting:

DE: Relative to your expectations, how has the 645D been doing?

JC: It did very well at the start and then it slowed down a little bit. The existing lens owners bought into the system and then the fact that we initially had only the 55mm lens available slowed things down. While it was a good start, it didn’t really speak to the professional market. So now that we’ve added the 25mm and we’ve added the 90mm, we’ve got the wide angle for the landscape, we’ve got the 90mm for the more portrait level, we have a more complete system to offer so we expect it to come back up. Plus we just recently lowered the price so that obviously should have an impact.

If in my former company a marketing person would have answered the question on how a product is doing with the wording " slowed down a bit ... while it was a good start ... it didn't really speak to the market ... we expect it to come back up ... we just lowered the price ... that should have an impact" everybody would have translated that into: Good grief, it's a desaster!

The 645D may well have served as a case study for Ricoh/Pentax regarding a FF launch and their pretty clear message on this matter (i.e. that there won't be a fullframe in a foreseeable future). A FF body would probably show just the same development of sales: a pretty good launch phase based on owners of old glass but hardly any follow-up buyers at all.


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