Flash Problems with Canon DSLRs

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Re: Flash Problems with Canon DSLRs

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

photonius wrote:

One thing that comes to mind is to check electrical or other interference. Does this happen when you are out in nature away from everything? Are the flashes triggered by some remote signal (for the 430ex it's supposed to be some light signal).

With all the wireless stuff around these days, perhaps you get wrong signals somewhere?

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Perhaps it is the Mobile/Cell phone that is interfering. It's quite common for the Mobile phone to send strange beeps and pulses to non-wireless equipment such as sound systems and car stereos (CD player). I've never had the random flashes with my XSi but that might be because I don't have an external flash.

Perhaps test and see if a Mobile phone placed close to the camera triggers the flash, when a call is being made.

quite true, one of my older mobiles induced crackling noises in the loudspeakers connected to the computer.

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