Why insist on FF format?

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Re: Why insist on FF format?

No, that´s not very probable (your rant)

A. You can easier get shallow depth of field (= IF, I say, IF you may want that, then it is a FF advantage)

B. IF, once agan, IF, you want/need the absolutely best IQ / low noise/ lowlight performance, "FF" wil most probably still be better than smaller formats.

Personally, I have been into 4/3 since around 3 years, I came from first analog 24x36mm then digital APS-C. Now I have got into m4/3 by getting a OM-D EM-5, the 12-50 & 75mm lenses to start with (then adapter for my 4/3 glass will be added) and i am very happy with that one!!!

Still, it IS harder to get very shallow DOF (compared to with "FF") and that will not change through technological developments.

But the noise, dynamic range, and low light "issues" will be less and less prominent as time advances, and as you say, they will, for MOST people, be so small as to get insignificant for most of their uses. Fex m4/3 will suffice very very well!

I have, however, no understanding of how you so blatantly can say something like "who shoots at 12800 ISO?"

Well, few do, since their cameras doesn´t allow it, but as cameras get better to use at hi ISOs, I easily can see it will be good for a lot of situations.

Want short, I mean SHORT shutter speed (or fast if you prefer that expression) at a low light shooting event?

Want short speed AND deep DOF? ... then you must use a smaller aperture, too...here goes:

For that use, (usable) hi ISO is a must. 12800 allows only 2 steps faster shutter speed than is possible at 3200 ISO...so I find no "un usability" of a good(!) 12800 ISO performance! Or, why not give us "super clean" 3200 ISO, which we actually do not have even with the eminent EM-5!

For those in no need of GOOD, really HIGH ISO, image quality, then FF will be less tempting, even in the future, if they don´t also need super shallow DOF of course,...and if they are willing to pay by carrying heavy equipment along ....

As always, it is what YOU need or want, that is to be considered, not what MAY be enough for just anyone else, who´s needs may be quite different from yours...

kelly15 wrote:

There is no reason at all, unless you are a pro, and a very spacialized pro.
The quality of m43 is more than what is really needed for any kind of use.
Which is the reason to click at 12800 ISO?
Which is the reason to enlarge the screen to 1:1?

Look at the pictures you may take with the 45 and 75 oly, with the 25, 7/14 pana and so and compare them with the pictures you took at the film era.
No comparison.

Of ourse if you decide to walk heavy and bulky, to spend more money for nothing ( or so), you can do that, but you loose the possibility to have you camera set always with you with a quality level which is a dream.

Listen to me, in 3/4 years FF will disappear or limited to studio professional work only.


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