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Re: Bear in first photo

Excellent information that should definitely be heeded for a trip to Alaska.

It's actually pretty funny how many moose people see daily in Homer but in my entire week there we did not see a single one!

apaflo wrote:

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I too heard about that unfortunate event in Denali...

Bear attacks in and around Denali are rare, but they do happen. There are more bear attacks in parks in Anchorage! But that is for exactly one reason: more human interaction with bears.

The first picture is actually taken in a Wildlife preserve and the bear was behind a wire fence. 2, 3, and 4 are wild bears in Katmai. I think the difference between what occurred in Denali and my experience in Katmai was that I was in a group led by a trained guide and the bears in Katmai are habituated around humans. I think the photographer was alone in Denali and extremely close to bears that aren't as used to humans.

That is a very good analysis of the difference. Visitors to Alaska should be aware that virtually all of Alaska is bear country , and with few exceptions the bears are not habituated or tolerant of humans. There are also very distinct differences in the nature of polar bears, brown bears, and black bears that affect how they will react to humans is various situations. Everything you know about how to act around any one type of bear is all wrong with the other two types!

Bear viewing in the Katmai is wonderful, and there are a couple of others that are similar. Be very much aware that anywhere else in Alaska the same circumstances that are normal there have instead a very high chance of causing a bear to attack and seriously injure or kill you.

If you are going to attempt photographing bears, or for that matter any wildlife in Alaska... Read the information that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has about dealing with bears. Unless you have knowledge and background specifically about bears in Alaska, stick with guided tours and do not ever wander away from a group of people.

And keep in mind that moose are probably more deadly than bears!

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