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Where are the 'savvy' partisans rebutting Denninger?

I was expecting (frankly, only hoping) that the 'usual suspects' teaming up behind the two camps would chine in and prove Denninger wrong. Or at least not disagree with his analysis, but offer a different viable path.

Guess this forum is more about barking than discussion. Oh well..

GregGory wrote:

To those who think that a bit tinkering here and there with the US budget will somehow fix the global economy, this presentation will probably give you a bit of food for thought. And yes, "We're all living in America", the monetary policy of the US affects the whole global village.

Karl Denninger knows his stuff, I don't think there's much to argue with his analysis. His solutions, however, are rather libertarian driven which is up to discussion. Personally, I'd argue for a single payer basic service for everyone, with a voucher option that could be supplemented with additional private programs.

I don't know the figures for Thorium plants, hence would advocate for wind turbines which are (local) labor heavy and would inject real wages to local economies. This on a large scale on the expense of the military, exactly like Denningner. To those who think wind power is too expensive, it would work out at around 5-6 cent/kWh... Of that cost, 30-35% would go directly to blue-collar wages not the companies... Of course, this would require removing the corruption from the allocation of capital in the economy.

Btw. Denninger was one of the founders of the Tea Party, but quickly quit when the money started to flow in from the GOP cronies and morphed into a "guns, gays, and God party" as he put it.



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